3 Reasons You Should Not Skip Flossing Your Teeth

The three major results of not flossing your teeth are:

  1. You can develop bad breath because you are holding food particles in your mouth, which is not a good thing for many reasons.
  2. You get more decay in your mouth if you are not flossing. I’ve known over my many years of experience that people who do not floss at all usually have a higher caries index, or they develop more decay over their lifetime.
  3. A very important factor with people who do not floss is the fact that they develop periodontal disease. Their gums are not massaged. Their gums are not kept clean. They develop gingivitis, which in effect, if untreated, goes into periodontitis and causes major problems in people’s mouths.

So, it is always best to either floss or, as I recommended in a previous podcast, use a Waterpik. A Waterpik cleans the surfaces of your teeth, and it really does a better job than traditional flossing when it comes to massaging your gum tissue at the gum line around your teeth.

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