Are Dental Implants Right For You?

I think there are two reasons why people choose removable dentures over implant dentures. The first reason is finances as implant dentures are more expensive. It is more expensive to do a permanent implant denture. The second reason is fear of the unknown. When a patient doesn’t fully understand the difference between a removable denture and an implant denture, they tend to shy away and go with what their friends have or what their mother or their dad had. Dental implants have many benefits. They may be the better decision for you or a loved one. Call us for a consultation or to discuss your options. Make an informed decision.

If you are considering dentures, call Dr. John Vitale at (201) 521-9800 for more information about which choice is right for you!

You use your mouth more than you use anything else in your life. It’s just a fact of life and teeth should never be taken for granted.

Call my office if you have any questions. We are always ready to help you achieve the smile that you desire! You will be in very good hands!
– Dr. John R. Vitale

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