BOTOX & JUVEDÉRM in Port Liberte, Jersey City NJ.

Are you interested in getting rid of your facial wrinkles, but you do not want to go through plastic surgery? Dr. John R. Vitale is pleased to offer BOTOX® and JUVÉDERM® treatments to add volume to your face and relax your facial muscles, giving you the desired wrinkle-free appearance.

These two options are simple, comfortable treatments that involve your dentist injecting prescription medicine into your facial muscles or applying smooth gel filler. We offer BOTOX and JUVÉDERM at the dental practice of John R. Vitale, DMD @ Port Liberte to give our patients a non-surgical process that has immediate results. It can smooth out your skin and clear any apparent wrinkles and give you the young, wrinkle-free appearance that you want.

BOTOX involves your dentist injecting the medication into your facial muscles, typically in the brow area, and JUVÉDERM involves your dentist inserting the smooth filler gel, usually around the mouth and lip area. These are both temporary techniques that can last from a year to many years, depending on the treatment. If you decide to get the BOTOX or JUVÉDERM treatment, please be conscious of symptoms that might occur within minutes or weeks after your procedure. If you experience trouble breathing, speaking or swallowing, make sure to call us as soon as possible.

If you are interested in BOTOX or JUVEDÉRM injections, feel free to call the number below or fill out the form to set up an appointment.

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