New Developments in Cosmetic Dentistry

Some of the newest developments in cosmetic dentistry involve successfully combining existing tools and techniques to produce a better, faster result. What is the latest development in cosmetic dentistry that you are practicing? Dr. John Vitale: I think the latest development…
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Teeth Whitening

Having a bright, white smile is possible! You can visit your dentist for a professional teeth whitening treatment or purchase an over-the-counter teeth whitening product to apply yourself. Can you please describe the teeth whitening services you offer in your…
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Foods That Nourish, Clean and Brighten Teeth!

  The best foods to brighten and nourish our teeth are good fruits such as apples and pears. Leafy vegetables are also good to nourish our teeth because of their high vitamin and mineral content and folic acid. Yogurts are…
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Teeth Whitening Options!

Are you considering whitening your teeth? It’s simple & effective! At our office, we have two options available. We have an in-house system using a light and a topical application of a peroxide gel controlling both sensitivity and the whiteness…
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