Common Dental Emergencies

Tooth pain never comes at a convenient time. Prevention is always key to avoid painful situations but sometimes even when patients are vigilante about their oral health, things can happen. Most emergencies we see involve a cracked or chipped tooth, a tooth or gum abscess, or dental trauma like a knocked out tooth from sports or an accident.

We recommend to see the dentist as soon as discomfort starts rather than cover up the pain with medication. The sooner that we are able to treat the problem, the outcome will always be better. Your tooth can maybe be saved and other complications can be avoided.

Wisdom teeth are known to be painful nuisances for many patients. Let us recommend a plan of action to have them removed if necessary to avoid other complications.

We are always ready to help you achieve good oral health! You will be in very good hands!
– Dr. John R. Vitale

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