Cosmetic Dentistry Updates

Cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve your best smile and gain new confidence. Dentistry can change the color, shape and size of teeth with such methods as dental veneers, teeth whitening processes and orthodontics.

If someone is trying to achieve a perfect smile, what type of things can be fixed or perfected?

Dr. John Vitale: One can perfect the midline of their face so that their teeth line up with their nose properly. Bite corrections can be implemented to enhance your smile and bite. The shape and size of teeth can also be changed and also the color.

What are some problems that dental veneers can help with?

Dr. John Vitale: Dental veneers are very useful for midline correction, for shapes and sizes of teeth, for closing black areas at the gumline called triangles, and also to change the color of your teeth.

What is the most effective form of teeth bleaching or whitening?

Dr. John Vitale: There are many. I think the best is an in-house treatment, like Zoom, for instance. Then we have other ones, bleaching trays and again whitening toothpastes. But I would say that in-house bleaching is probably the best.

What options exist today for adult orthodontic treatments?

Dr. John Vitale: There are many. Invisalign is one, where you have these removable trays that you place in your mouth. They help to align your teeth over a period of time. You have conventional banding, like what the orthodontist normally does in one’s mouth. Then you have lingual banding, in case you want to wear braces that are permanent in your mouth but you don’t want the bands to show. Orthodontists now put them, along with the wires, on the lingual or the inside portions of one’s mouth.

What is the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry that your office practices?

Dr. John Vitale: I think the most common cosmetic form, probably crowns, bridges, veneers. Then for the posterior region of people’s mouths, inlays, onlays and where missing teeth are present, we do implants.

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