Dental Care During Pregnancy

To prevent disease and infection, women should not skip their dental cleaning or oral exam while pregnant. Cavities or other emergency dental work should be completed during the second trimester and all cosmetic work should be postponed until after birth.

Is it safe to get regular preventative dental cleanings and annual dental exams during pregnancy?

Dr. John Vitale: The answer is simple: yes and necessary.

Can oral infections such as gum disease contribute to pre-term birth?

Dr. John Vitale: Yes. Studies have shown that periodontal disease and the bacteria associated with it can travel to the amniotic fluid and the placenta. It’s very, very essential that you seek dental care during your pregnancy.

Should pregnant women have cavities filled or get crowns fixed to reduce the chance of oral infection?

Dr. John Vitale: Yes. Regular maintenance is absolutely necessary and for pregnant women, the second trimester for basic work such as filling cavities and also for necessary crown and bridge work, it should be done during the second trimester.

How is a dental emergency handled differently for a pregnant woman?

Dr. John Vitale: There are really no restrictions for pregnant women and emergencies. Not doing the required work could cause serious problems.

What type of dental work should be postponed until after birth?

Dr. John Vitale: Cosmetic work like laminates and crowns to enhance your appearance and starting orthodontia, things like that should be postponed until after the pregnancy.

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