Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed

When the wisdom tooth has to be removed, depending on the type of extraction that’s required, whether it be a surgical extraction or routine extraction, it would determine what the process actually is.

For a wisdom tooth that is impacted, you need some sort of anesthesia, whether it be general anesthesia or local anesthesia. You have to reflect the tissue back, remove some of the bone that is covering the tooth. Then, depending on the position of the tooth or the location of the tooth, that would determine where the tooth comes out as a whole or if it comes out in segments.

After the tooth is removed, the tissue is reflected back, and sutures are placed. The patient is placed on an antibiotic and pain medication and that generally solves the problem.

The recovery period for the patient, generally if it’s not a severe impaction, is probably two days at most, generally a day but two days at most.

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