Maintain a Healthy Smile for Life

Taking care of your teeth now can ensure that you have a health smile for life. Visiting the dentist on a regular basis to get your teeth and gums examined is a critical step in identifying and preventing any potential issues.

Prevention is obviously a great way to stay healthy. So, in terms of dentistry, what services and treatments are considered preventative dental care?

Dr. John Vitale: That’s an easy one. Oral exams, x-rays, prophies and scalings, cleaning of the mouth, and having your teeth examined professionally by a dentist.

Why is it important to get dental x-rays? What other issues are dentists checking for that you can’t see or feel at home?

Dr. John Vitale: Well, besides obvious decay, which sometimes or sometimes not can be seen in the mouth, in the bone, and root structure of the teeth. You can diagnose some periodontal disease. You can diagnosis some bone lesions, any types of abnormalities that are underneath the gum tissue that you can’t see.

Besides routine dental checkups, what are a few really good dental habits to adopt?

Dr. John Vitale: Again, very simple. Don’t go to bed without brushing your teeth. Brush properly, also brush your tongue. Use fluoride toothpastes. Floss. Use dental mouthwash. Drink more water. Eat crunchy vegetables and fruits. Limit your sugar and acids and visit your dentist twice a year.

Do you recommend using a bite guard to protect teeth from nighttime crunching or grinding?

Dr. John Vitale: I absolutely do. Depending on the circumstances, we either make soft night guards or hard night guards depending on the severity, but I absolutely agree with that. Yes.

What type of orthodontic treatment can help lay the foundation for a healthy smile?

Dr. John Vitale: Well, most basic types of orthodontic treatment can help in the foundation of a healthy smile because when we employ the use of orthodontics, we move teeth around. So, when we move teeth around, you’re able to clean your teeth better. You’re able to use floss. Your bite is proper, so you don’t put more stress on one tooth over another tooth. And you keep your teeth, and keeping your teeth means keeping a healthy smile.

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