Root Canal Therapy

root canal therapy in jersey city port liberte

Root Canal Therapy in Port Liberte, Jersey City NJ.

Do you have a badly infected or decayed tooth that is causing you pain?  Dr. John R. Vitale, DMD offers root canal therapy in Port Liberte Jersey City.

A root canal is needed when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected causing the pulp inside the tooth to become damaged.  Our team will fix the problem by removing the damaged pulp and cleaning out the inside of your tooth.  The final state is to seal your cleaned tooth with either a filling or a crown.

Here are some common symptoms that may tell you that you are in need of a root canal.  If you are not sure, you can always call our office to set up an appointment for us to take a look.

  1. Dark or dull color to your tooth
  2. Tooth pain or sensitivity that will not go away (occurs when you bite down on something or when you drink hot or cold liquids)
  3. A recurring pimple on the gums near the tooth
  4. Major swelling or tenderness in the surrounding gums

If you think you may have the need of a root canal, feel free to contact us to set up your appointment.  We will take a look and determine if root canal therapy in Port Liberte Jersey City is right for you.

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