Aging and Dental Health

As people age, they face new health and lifestyle challenges that may take priority over their dental health. It is critical for senior citizens to continue to see a dentist for cleanings, to check for gum disease and to address…
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Dental Implants vs. Removable Dentures

The biggest advantage of the implant dentures over conventional dentures is retention. When you have implant dentures placed in a patient’s mouth, they don’t move. They snap in and you can eat corn on the cob and literally bite into…
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When Dentures are the Best Option

We will know if dentures are the best option for a person once a patient’s mouth is examined. If a patient presents with a mouth that has deteriorated to such an extent that they are not comfortable any longer, comfortable…
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Is It Time For Dentures?

The process for getting evaluated and fitted for dentures is relatively simple. Dr. Vitale explains the steps to expect and the results. Let’s start by explaining what dentures are. Can you describe the types of dentures available today and how…
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Dentures – Podcast Interview with Dr. John R. Vitale

Listen or Read Dr. Vitale’s Monthly Podcast Interview! Topic – Dentures Below you will find an easy to read transcript of Dr. John Vitale’s interview on the razorcast™ monthly podcast.  You can either watch the video to listen to the podcast…
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