Toothaches and Sensitive Teeth

You don’t have to suffer with sensitive teeth or a toothache that won’t go away. A dentist can identify what is causing your discomfort and recommend solutions to desensitize your teeth and fix what is causing your toothache. What are…
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Root Canals: Myth Vs. Reality

Getting root canal therapy is a very simple procedure, unlike years ago where we didn’t give adequate anesthesia and we didn’t take the time to educate the patient. There is an inherent fear with root canals. I always get this…
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Root Canals

Root canals are sometimes necessary but today they can be done quickly and with very little discomfort due to modern technology and advances in the dental field. What are some warning signs and some reasons that someone might need a…
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Dental Emergencies

Seeking dental treatment as quickly as possible after a dental emergency or accident can help save teeth and prevent further pain and complications. A tooth that gets knocked out can be saved if it is picked up by the crown,…
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