The Benefits of Root Canals

I think over the years root canals have had sort of a bad reputation but I think if you look at it realistically, the amount of pain one would feel would be totally determined by how numb the person is. If the person is totally numb, it only follows logically that you’re not going to feel any pain.

People have heart transplants and they don’t feel anything. People have major surgeries and they don’t feel anything. It’s all done with anesthetics. So if the dentist takes the time and anesthetizes the person properly and waits until the patient experiences total anesthesia then the amount of pain associated with the root canal is absolutely zero.

Sometimes it takes a little bit longer for the patient to wait in the chair but the bottom line is if you take the time and the care to allow the patient to get numb they will feel absolutely nothing and that is every single time. There is no exception to that rule.

So why is a root canal beneficial? Well there is nothing better than your own teeth obviously. I mean bridges and we have implants and these are substitutions for teeth but realistically you’re always better with your own tooth in your mouth. I mean this is the way you were born, this is what God gave you and this is what we should leave this earth with if we could.

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– Dr. John R. Vitale

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