The Step-By-Step Process of Getting All-On-4® Dental Implants

The process for someone getting All-On-4® Dental Implants is rather simple. During the first visit, the person would need a cone scan, which is a three-dimensional picture of the arch that we are doing, whether it be the upper arch or the lower arch.

Once we have that picture, we are able to work with the laboratory to strategically locate the areas that we are going to put the implants.

The lab then fabricates a template, which is a guide that goes in the person’s mouth with holes in it, showing us the area that the implant goes in and the direction that it goes in.

Once we get that guide, or template, we place the implants in one visit. We then take a bite. We also engage what we call transfer copings, which are little pieces of metal that go into the person’s implants that we take an impression of to give the lab a dimensional picture of what we’re doing.

After that the lab fabricates the restoration. When we get it back from the lab, we call the patient into the office, and we literally screw the restoration into the implants that we previously placed.

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