Xerostomia (Dry Mouth)

Xerostomia is a condition also known as dry mouth and is usually caused by taking medication or smoking tobacco. Learn more about the different treatments available which include keeping yourself hydrated, using an oral rinse or taking prescription medication.

What is xerostomia?

Dr. John Vitale: Xerostomia is a very big word for dry mouth, due to the decrease of secretions in your oral cavity.

What are some common causes of xerostomia?

Dr. John Vitale: The biggest cause is medication. Age also is a contributing factor. Sometimes when people are undergoing cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Tobacco is another cause for xerostomia or dry mouth. And dehydration, not taking in enough fluids also.

Can this affect people of all ages, or is it most common in seniors?

Dr. John Vitale: It does affect people of all ages, depending on their condition. For instance, with cancer treatment in a younger person, you can get xerostomia. But overall, it’s more common as we age.

Does xerostomia cause damage to the teeth and gums?

Dr. John Vitale: The biggest result of xerostomia that isn’t treated is tooth decay, believe it or not.

Is there any cure for this, and what can people do to improve this condition?

Dr. John Vitale: There are medications that one can take. Salagen, Evoxac, Pilocarpine. These are medications that are offered by prescription. But you could also get Biotin, which is an over the counter item. It’s an oral rinse that you can rinse with. And keeping yourself hydrated also helps a lot.

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